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Holistic Wellness Union, Inc.

Finding inner peace


Relax  and  unwind  on  13  acre  Lake  Hamilton  while  sharing  your  thoughts  and  trauma  issues  with  someone  who  listens  and  understands    

Your Health & Wellness Matter


Hosting events at HWU's Lake Hamilton focus is about a higher quality life,  optimal wellness. Founder Gary Hamilton with his wife, Terri, both living with PTSD successfully  are able and willing to share their lake and lives in helping others vetrans. 

Healing from PTSD


You will  be  allowed  to  fish  until  you  get  your  fill  without  a  license  on  this  private  lake.  Swimming  to  the  inflatable  island  for  your  own  personal  retreat  and  in  the  evenings  sit  at  the  bonfire  watching  the  spectacular ever  changing  sunsets.  


About Us

Helping Veterans with PTSD


Holistic Wellness Union, Inc 

Senior Consultant and Facilitator July 2011 - Present.  Holistic Wellness Union (HWU), provides the traumatized with therapy, consultation and facilities needed to create a viable personalized treatment and continuing care plan. About the Founder Gary Douglas Hamilton is a former Navy Seal, BUD/S 89 UDT 12. He holds a BBL from Ozark Christian College, Master of Divinity, and Master of Arts from Oral Roberts University. He attended and graduated from Mundelein High School in Illinois. He held a private practice in Seattle WA for several years treating addiction and trauma as a specialist.  His wifeTerri  has  received PTSD  and  care  giver  training  and  plays  an  important role  for  Vets  and  spouses  in  recovery of  mental  health  amd  awareness    

One day or weekend retreats


Gary  and Terri  would  be  happy  to  host  a  retreat  for  you  and  your group  of  veterans  or make  reservations for  one  on  one  with  you  and  your  significant other.  

Lake Hamilton


The lake is tucked away in south central Kansas, away from all city noises. Some say the peace of just being here is healing. It is a 13 acre private lake with another ten acres to walk and explore at your leisure. We will help you fish, swim, boat, or rest to your hearts content. We also have two therapy dogs, Zeus a seven year old 235lb English Masstif and Guinness a one year old rescue pup. They both love people and have a heart towards the traumatized. 



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