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holistic wellness union, inc


Gary D. Hamilton, MDiv., MA, Consultant & Facilitator - Worldwide

Gary Hamilton, aka Admiral'bone, is one of the most powerful speakers in the field of trauma work. Particularly in regards to a holistic view, meaning considering all aspects of the persons being; spirit, soul, and body, including their relationship with others.  Adm. bone would be thrilled to speak, educate, train, consult and/or facilitate in any capacity to get the good news out that trauma is treatable, in spite of the common opinion of most therapists to be the contrary!

Holistic Wellness Union, (HWU), provides the traumatized with therapy, consultation and facilitation needed to create a viable personalized treatment and continuing care plan.  Call, text, email, and/or make an appointment to visit Lake Hamilton and have a tour while we share our vision and passion, and you may ask the questions on your heart and mind for yourself and significant others.  Admiral Bone's heart of hearts passion is teaching and training and supervising those who have a desire and are helping those suffering from trauma issues.  To learn more about how we may help you and/or your significant others regarding PTSD, DID, addictions and spirituality issues related to healing, deliverance, restoration and reconciliation, or interested being involved helping us help others, give us a call.

                          About the Founder, President and CEO,

Gary Douglas Hamilton is a former US Navy Seal (frogman), 1973-1983, (BUD/S 89, UDT 12). he is presently working on a PHD at the American Institute of Holistic Theology in Birmingham Alabama.  Gary has a BBL from Ozark Christian College, Joplin, Missouri and earned his Master of Divinity, Master of Arts and an interrupted Doctor of Ministry from Oral Roberts University, Graduate School of Theology and Missions Seminary, 1984-1990 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Being a navy brat Gary Hamilton lived all over the United States usually 2-3 years at a time.  He was fortunate to spend all four years of high school at Mundelein High School, Mundelein, Illinois.  His longest stay in one location was Tulsa, Oklahoma where he resided from 1984-2000, with a two year interruption where he had a private practice in Seattle, Washington counseling under the umbrella of Crista Counseling Services.

This is where Gary started moving toward addictions as one symptom, to a primary cause being unhealed or even unidentified trauma issues, and is the driving force behind a self-sabotaging and self-destructive nature to self and/or others, including a low self-esteem and poor god-image. Of the over 3,000+ clients/patients he served, only 1% were not identified as having an underlying trauma that fueled the addictive nature rather that be an attitude, behavior, distorted world-view or dependency on chemicals.  At this time Gary started getting supervision regarding post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD) and dissociative identity disorders (DID), formerly known as multiple personality disorder.

   At this time Gary started experiencing difficulties maintaining a sound mind, when in fact his undiagnosed PTSD and DID issues surfaced.  He went from thousand dollar days , speaking on the radio and television,  a speaking circuit, book deals,  a waiting list for appointments, all in less than 14 months of practice. He lost his job, wife, family and faith in God.  Under a dumpster crying out to god in 1991, homeless, with most people giving up on a once considered new Billy Graham of a new wave of God in America and the world. God answered the toxic and bitter cry and cursing of God by this once gifted and prosperous man of God, “Gary, my son, yes, I saw what you did for me in my name.  In the eyes of man you were the best but I must say, it was mostly your driven navy seal brainwashing that made you successful not my spirit.  Yes, I was there honoring your heart’s desire to help me help others.  What I want to do with you will be 10,000 fold more powerful and eternal than all of your accomplishments to date. Do you want to be my apostle of love to your war? (Yes, lord, speak lord your servant is listening!)  You will not like what you hear and you will hate what you must go through more.  I must kill your pride, purge you of your fear of man, your need for recognition,and approval, and make you as meek as Moses and Jesus.  (Yes, Lord, so be it!)."

   So be it alright.  Gary has been through it.  What he thought would be a few months, two years maximum, turned out to be 32 years of the life and times of Job.  The number of Job’s friends are countless, hard-ache, relocations, broken relationships, loss of work, psych-units, 5 point restraints, brutalized by police, jail time, suicidal and homicidal ideations, and cast out, excommunicated by his own brothers and sisters in churches where he sought refuge, demonized by those he serves.  It takes all of this to “let your character catch up with your calling”, Gary preached at Tulsa Christian Fellowship in 1986, not aware he was prophecying over himself, even though about a hundred ministers, pastors, missionaries, bible translators, prophets, teachers, evangelist and apostles, etc. came forward to renew their willingness to be purged for the greater glory of god.

Last year he had another melt down and almost lost everything again, including his fifth wife whom he just married a few months earlier.  But this time instead of running in shame, he stuck it out with his therapist, his wife, and his family and friends. He made the final brake from a 32 year cycle of self-sabotaging behavior. “I’m so grateful to my wife, family, friends and professional therapist, Jeremy P. Crosby, PsyD, author of "Mind Frozen in Time", who were there for me in my most critical time of suffering. Through the grace, mercy, and comfort that I have received,  I would not be here if not for seeing compassion in my loved ones when I needed them most.  As with history it’s not man’s version of God’s people that come to the rescue of the lost and hurting, but common folk with the image and likeness of God in them. I am grateful to the few who looked in my heart and not at my head. The therapy my angelic wife and I went through was miraculous.  I believe, because we were so broken we had no pride in telling God how he heals and who he can and can’t use to heal us is why we are being elevated to our true and destined paths.”

Married to Terri, his angel of love, who grew up with a father suffering from PTSD as a WWII, Korean War and POW.  "Terri is one of my greatest assets for my own healing and recovery.  we now make an awesome healing team of love, power and true understanding and empathy with most importantly the tools and know how to be free indeed."

"If I had broken my back and damaged my spine, not my head and my brain, would things be different? Would we still be friends, would i still belong in your heart and group? All i know is the perfect journey of fire and ice has tempered this man. This is perfection; flowing in the divine order and sweet presence of my creator in me!  What was meant for harm CAN be the gift from heaven or the curse of hell.  I finally went with the former and now laugh more then cry, smile more then frown, praise more then pout, and lavish in love more then limp in loneliness. And for all my former job's friends, what you meant for harm, out of religious ignorance or more likely reaction to my woundedness god made good in that he used all the rejection and misunderstanding to heal me of a bitter-root of rejection and delivered me from a need to be loved and liked to a total dependence and reliance on his unfailing love and acceptance.  And for this willingness to die I have found intimacy with god, my abba (intimate daddy).  Now we flow in his presence, power and peace. I no longer have enemies except the dark forces in the heavenlies even though I am considered the enemy by the haters of good, those fearful of freedom and  in denial of own issues and or my deceived neighbors in a brainwashed world.  I bless you with peace and pray you will find the true light of god's love in you for all humanity, starting with yourself.

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